On this page, find out about our past events, our near future ones, and how you can get more involved with SFU Blood for Life!

September 27th – First General Member Meeting!

At our first general member meeting, our committee lead shared details about Stem Cell, Blood Education, and Community Outreach Programs. We split into different teams, and begun tackling the biggest issues facing Canadians today with event planning and organization. With food and good friends, our semester kicked off with an incredible start.


September 12th and 13th – Our SFU Clubs Days!

During the hustle and bustle of the new semester, our team and volunteers hosted a table throughout Clubs Days at SFU Burnaby. There, we introduced our club to new potential members, signed up students interested in being potential blood donors, and showed our campus presence in our bright red T-shirts. Throughout clubs days, we quadrupled our online presence, built up our emailing list to over 300 students, and garnered incredible attention leading into our biggest semester yet! We were also featured on an article in the peak along with other campus clubs. Click the link here to find out more!


July 20th, 2017 – Large Information and Volunteer Training Session


While summer semesters are typically quite relaxed, our team was hard at work bringing in new members to the team with our summer volunteer training session! We briefed our whole team on the fundamentals of blood and stem cell donation and trained our attendees on how to be a Community Outreach Volunteer, a position where you can advocate for this cause by informing the public blood and stem cell donation on your campus and community!

March 15th, 2017 – Mini Stem Cell Drive @ Balding for Dollars

Balding for Dollars is an event that aims raising awareness about cancer and by fundraising for cancer research. In support of an incredible initiative, our club members hosted a table to pilot our Blood Donation registration outreach program and register new donors to the Stem Cell Donation program.

February 24th, 2017 – Featured in SFU’s Newspaper, the Peak!


Peak Picture

Following our first major stem cell drive, our club received great attention from groups across campus. One of them being our beloved campus newspaper, the peak! Click the link here to review the article we were featured in.


January 30th, 2017 – First Stem Cell Donation Drive

On January 30th, the team at SFU Blood for Life and our group of trained volunteers met at the James Douglas Safe Study area at SFU Burnaby for our first ever stem cell donation drive! With the goal to register at least 100 new donors to the OneMatch Stem Cell and Bone Marrow Network, our team worked tirelessly throughout the day with incredible support from the SFU community.

On that day, we earned 147 new registrants, crushing our goal of 100! Here is a gallery of some of the photos our team took on that day. Thank you SFU!